PASS Summit 2013 – Reflections

Looking back a few years ago, when I was a newbie, and when there are so many conference options out there, the term #sqlfamily or even a SQL family reunion was a totally foreign term, so as every youngster (in sql terms not age, lol!) you have to go out there and experience it all… Continue reading


The Balancing act at the SQL PASS Summit

As I’m getting ready to start the week off at the conference, and with so much going on between vendors, PASS, networking with peers and all of that one wants to get accomplished, it crosses my mind how do I keep a good balancing act and stay focus and productive at the same time? Well, the only possible answer that also came to me was to “keep it simple”.  Sometimes we get too involved in the planning (believe me,  it happens to me too many times) that we missed the real deal. Continue reading