PASS Summit 2013 – Reflections

Looking back a few years ago, when I was a newbie, and when there are so many conference options out there, the term #sqlfamily or even a SQL family reunion was a totally foreign term, so as every youngster (in sql terms not age, lol!) you have to go out there and experience it all…

I can truly say now, let’s say in a more “mature” way that there is nothing like the PASS Summit, it feels like a small yet it is a HUGE conference… but ok, let’s get to the point, the major difference, the people! All novice, new, and not so new, instructors, MVP’s, MCM’s, volunteers, leaders and attendees, get to know each other and make a it a personal event! I wanted to take the time to do this brief introduction, so that all who are just now getting involved know that it is YOU who make this a great event all year long! So I encourage you get involved with your local chapter and keep in touch.

What is a PASS Summit family reunion you may ask? It is only a 3 day affair for most people, where there is a wealth of information at your fingertips day and night… literally! During the day, you have the chance to attend the sessions, spotlights, lighting talks, Microsoft, meet with the CAT team and then after hours you have the most incredible time to interact with all of this bright people during a more relaxed setting.

So let’s talk about what went on…

The first day of the conference for me, started with an exciting Keynote, followed by a series of topics that were hard to make one’s mind on where to go… I picked a topic which it is an everyday challenge as a DBA “Query Performance Tuning: a 12 step method”, excellent session with Thomas La Rock and Tim Chapman

Professor DMV: How to use DMV’s to diagnose SQL Server Performance issues. Lots of examples, great hands-on and practical session!

Chapter Luncheon – it was great to meet new faces and talk about all of the exciting things going on with our group here in South Florida! Don’t forget to check us out for all of the latest happenings!

SQL Server 2014 and Sharks with Freakin’ Lasers [DBA-210-S]
How Active Directory affects SQL Server, with Ryan Adams
The Welcome reception! Eat, play & mingle and don’t miss the Quizbowl!

On Thursday…
Table Partitioning: Secret Weapon for Big Data Problems
SQL Server 2014 and the Hybrid Cloud [AD-311-M]

Women in Technology luncheon, excellent panelists, discussion and food! 🙂
SQL Server Archaeology: Dig into the Past with system_health
Waits, Latches and Spinlocks: Internals and Analysis, with Paul Randal
Community appreciation party at the Nascar Hall of fame! (where I learnt that I can change a tire! )

And on Friday…
Storage subsystems basics for the DBA
SQL Server Transaction Log internals (Tim Chapman)
Index Fragmentation (Paul Randal)
Fly home 😦

As a reminder, I’ll be presenting a summary of the “Best of SQL PASS Summit 2013, From a DBA perspective” to our South Florida SQL Server User Group, for those who could not attend, along with my usual scavenger hunt for prizes & swag for all of you!


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